Star Trackers

Sinclair Interplanetary builds high-performance star trackers and baffles for small spacecraft.  There are currently 21 on-orbit onboard the following spacecraft:

  • SkySat-1 (x2)
  • SkySat-2 (x2)
  • SkySat-3 (x2) [See first-light image here]
  • SkySat-4 (x2)
  • SkySat-5 (x2)
  • SkySat-6 (x2)
  • SkySat-7 (x2)
  • BRITE-PL1 (x1)
  • BRITE-PL2 (x1)
  • BRITE-Toronto (x1) [See paper on performance here]
  • BRITE-Montreal (x1)
  • Perseus M-1 (x1)
  • Perseus M-2 (x1)
  • CLAIRE (x1) [See early commissioning report here]

Part Number Guide

Datasheet with pricing

Interface Control Document