Special Products and Services


Custom hardware design and fabrication is available for your space project.   Areas of flight experience include:

  • Motor drives
  • Pyrotechnic and safety circuits
  • Sensors
  • DC/DC converters
  • High voltage supplies
  • Battery chargers
  • Power distribution
  • Flight computers


Most Sinclair Interplanetary products contain built-in microcontrollers and software.  This software can be customized for your particular needs.  Many units can be reprogrammed on-orbit.

System Engineering and Review

Sinclair Interplanetary can offer system engineering services for the very start of your program.  If you have a problem and think that maybe a satellite is the solution, Sinclair Interplanetary can help you to determine feasibility and concept.

Sinclair Interplanetary can provide engineering reviews of designs, or act as an external reviewer at your PDR or CDR meetings.

Soldering Training

Sinclair Interplanetary is certified to train your staff to the J-STD-001FS space soldering specification (as well as prior versions D and E).  Details are here.