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Wheels in Inventory, and Star Tracker Flight Dates

posted Oct 24, 2012, 12:59 PM by Doug Sinclair
The inventory page has been updated to show one RW-1.0 reaction wheel on the shelf.  Two more units will join it over the next couple weeks.  These are manufacturing spares, released into general inventory following successful delivery of flight hardware to a customer.  If you are building a minisatellite in a hurry, this may be of interest!

A very frequently asked question is:
"What is the flight heritage on the ST-16 star tracker?"

For more than a year, the answer has been:
"Flight units are delivered to a number of customers and integrated with their satellites.  We're just waiting for the first launch."

And the launch dates keep slipping and slipping, for reasons that have nothing to do with star trackers.  Our best guess right now is mid-2013.  News will be posted here as it occurs.