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Concerning Satellite Internet

posted Jan 21, 2015, 7:03 AM by Doug Sinclair
There's a lot of buzz these days about satellite Internet constellations -- many hundreds of spacecraft operating in upper LEO bringing connectivity to everybody in the world.  Not since the DARPA SeeMe program have I received so many RFQs for thousands of wheels and star trackers, specifying prices of no more than $1k each.

This sort of mass production is completely alien to the quality-focused small-volume manufacturing that Sinclair Interplanetary takes pride in.  So we'll keep plugging along supplying the constellations with a dozen satellites each, and let others rise to the challenge of building spacecraft like automobiles.

Maybe this fad will pass, as it has before in the past.  Or maybe somebody will succeed in reaching these price points, disrupting the traditional supply chain.  If they do manage to make satellites like cars, we'll try to hold on to a corner of the market where we can keep building them like Morgans.