Free to a Good Home
If you are a student or hobbyist group we may be able to help you out with supplies and materials.  Our QA policies don't let us use materials past their rated lifespan, even though most continue to be just fine.  Check this page periodically, as more expired materials are added.

At present we have available:
  • High voltage wide temperature DC-DC converter ICs and dev-kits
    • TPS5060MDGQTEP
    • LTC3630AMPMSE
    • LM46000AQPWPRQ1
    • LTC7138MPMSE
    • LMR36006FSC3RNXTQ1
  • Qty 20-25 of each part, plus 2 dev-kit PCBs per part
  • One of each dev-kit has been decapsulated, suitable for heavy-ion testing
  • All of these lots of parts FAIL total-dose testing to 50 krad of Co-60, but might be suitable for your LEO mission.
If there's anything here that would be of use to you, let us know.  If you can arrange for shipping then it's yours.