Capabilities and Equipment

Sinclair Interplanetary has a small but well-stocked lab for building microsatellite equipment.


  • Soldering assembly equipment:
    • Nitrogen-atmosphere reflow oven
    • BGA rework station
    • Hot-air pencils, soldering irons, and board preheaters
    • Tin-lead solder pot for removing lead-free coatings
  • X-ray microscope, with 80 kV tube and 10 um focal spot, for non-destructive testing
  • Side-looking optical BGA inspection microscope
  • Calibrated solder temperature measuring equipment, traceable to national standards and compliant with J-STD-001ES.
  • Cable harness tools including specialized wire strippers, crimp tools, high-voltage insulation tester, etc.
  • Potting and encapsulation facility
  • Power supplies up to 1 kV DC 


  • Lathe / winding machine
  • 4-Axis milling machine
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Calibrated calipers, micrometers, dial indicators with traceability to national standards

Spacecraft Environmental

  • Class 10 laminar-flow hood for clean assembly
  • Thermal chamber with electric heat and liquid nitrogen cooling
  • Sun simulator lamp
  • High vacuum (1E-7 Torr)
  • Solid Edge CAD
  • Zemax Premium optical modeling
  • Matlab
  • Development tools for C and assembly programming on various targets